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  • Over 15 years of experience managing software projects in large-scale software development. 

  • Over 10 years of experience as Scrum Master and agile coach.

  • 2 years in DevOps methodologies. 

  • Experienced in organizational transformation from Waterfall to Agile and DevOps.

  • Over 20 years of experience in software development and IT.

  • Project director of complex software used by well-known multinational companies like Intact Financial Group, iA Financial Group, Desjardins, IBM, RheinMetall-Oerlikon and Marconi

  • Project coordination across multiple sites (India, US and Canada) 

  • Skillset: SAFe, PMI-Waterfall, Agile-Scrum, DevOps, Web, Cloud Amazon AWS and Azure, JIRA.

  • Result oriented, highly adept in learning new technologies, adapting to change, strong communication skills and organizational skills, diplomatic with political sense.

  • Recognized for delivering software that exceeds expectations.

  • Graduated from École Polytechnique de Montréal (B. Eng. Software Engineering)

  • PMP Certified.

  • CSM Certified.

  • SAFe SASM, SP Certified

  • Bilingual French and English.

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Marc Missonnier





Scrum Master

Schedule and run regular meetings including product planning, sprint planning, sprint review, daily scrum, and retrospective

Manage backlog with the product owners/business partners and the team, facilitate prioritization and estimating, identify dependencies.

Remove impediments blocking or slowing down the teams, managed conflicts.

Coordinate external and internal team dependencies.

Coach and Agile Transformation

Coach team members on Agile principles and best practices.  

Transition the group from a rigid waterfall process to an agile process embracing change and collaboration.

Prepare training material. Contribute to  the agile center of excellence, present material to other managers.

Project Manager

Agile Projects and integration with other business processes 

Agile Scrum, Kanban

Waterfall or hybrid

Alan R Arnold, Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer,
Vision Solutions

"Marc lead the Montreal team for the past 8 years, he demonstrated innovation and leadership with the Design Idol initiative that sparked innovation and risk taking, generating new product ideas. He also exceeded expectations by delivering ahead of the CMC roadmap schedule and delivering additional functionality. Marc introduced DevOps best practices, enabling more frequent CMC product deliveries and a faster time to market. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for a senior leadership/director of development role."

Doug Piper, Vice President, Product Strategy, Vision Solutions

"As VP of Product Strategy for Vision Solutions I have had to opportunity and pleasure of working with Marc for six years in his capacity as Director of R&D at Double-Take Software. Marc is a talented results oriented manager who has consistently delivered outstanding results through his development team. Most recently Marc led his team to develop innovative cloud integrated server migration solutions with a number of cloud platforms ... always on-time and high quality. I hold Marc in the highest regard and recommend him without hesitation."

Tim Laplante, Director of Product Management, Vision Solutions

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marc over the past 8 years at Double-Take/Vision Solutions. Marc is a solid leader and someone who understands technology as well as he does project management. Over the years Marc has implemented several key programs, including a design idol program, which have helped us both in product advancement through innovation and employee retention. He also was key in implementing our DevOps processes as we rolled out our new migration as a service offerings. Marc transformed the team from a traditional waterfall process team with long project delivery dates to an Agile process team that delivered production updates on a monthly basis. Marc was also instrumental in motivating his team
to exceed expectations with the delivery of new platforms well ahead of schedule. Marc would be a great addition to any team. "

Hemant Shah, Director Business Development, INDUSA Corp

"I collaborated with Marc for the past few years, during that time I have noticed that he is a highly competent manager and professional. He successfully integrated the extended team of contractors in different parts of the world and removed impediments to maximize efficiency. Marc put in place the processes to review the work to make sure requirements are met. Marc is an asset for any company looking for an experienced, competent leader. "

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Agile - Scrum - Kanban

Microsoft Project Enterprise

DevOps Practices

Software Development

Project Management

Bilingual French - English

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